How to Cure Pneumonia in Older People with Home Remedies?

How to Cure Pneumonia in Older People with Home Remedies?

It is important to remember that home remedies might not always work. They may help one person, but for the other, they might turn out to be absolutely useless. Therefore, you should not fully rely on them (you can lose valuable time on unnecessary procedures). An elderly person especially cannot risk their health.

Nevertheless, effective home remedies for the treatment of pneumonia does exist, and an elderly person can successfully use them as a general tonic, in addition to the basic treatment.

Take black currant leaves, Hypericum, mint, lemon balm, birch buds, and rose hips and mix them properly. Take two tablespoons of the mixture, and pour it in a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 30–40 minutes and strain. Take half a cup (warm) once or twice a day.

An elderly patient should eat easily digestible food (fermented milk products, honey, wheat bread), often in small portions.

In most cases, an elderly person, who is ill with pneumonia, loses appetite. To tackle this, consider a freshly prepared orange juice, diluted (in the ratio 1: 1) with boiled water or warm mineral water. It should not be too hot and consumed in moderation, which helps to reduce body temperature, dilute and release sputum, without undue stress on the kidneys and heart of the patient.

Warm milk with honey, butter and a pinch of baking soda are considered an excellent medicine if the lungs are inflamed. But sometimes because of the lack of enzymes necessary for its processing, there can be “troubles” on the part of the intestine (bloating, diarrhea, etc.). Therefore, if an elderly person is not able to digest milk, then it is better for them not to avoid this drink.During an illness, an elderly person should observe bed rest, you need to lie in bed with a slightly raised upper body. After the recovery in the first 7–10 days, you can switch to half-bed mode. To avoid the formation of pressure sores, it is necessary to constantly turn the patient, smooth the skin on the back and in the sacrum area. If red spots appear, rub them with lavender or calendula oil. Medigap Coverage: Elderly can consider finding Medicare supplement plans here for covering their out of pocket costs.