How Can Polyphenols Help Seniors?

How Can Polyphenols Help Seniors?

To prolong life, scientists recommend a diet rich in polyphenols for seniors. However, keep in mind that some polyphenols might not last for too long in your body. That is why you should eat them all day. This will make the level of polyphenols in your body stable.

The daily dosage:

This question is quite complicated because you can live even without polyphenols. They are not as important as the minerals or vitamins for which we know the recommended daily intake. But their dose may depend on factors that are relevant to your lifestyle. Large amounts of these antioxidants must be consumed by smokers and people living in polluted areas so that the body has more resources to fight free radicals that invade your blood cells.

Some types of polyphenols are poorly absorbed by the body. In addition, many products contain complex combinations of various types of polyphenols, which reduces their positive effect on our body. Many other factors can also influence their volumes, such as food storage and processing. In any case, it is best to use fresh foods that are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Sources of polyphenols


It is very important to eat apples with their skin because it contains five times more polyphenols than pulp. Interestingly, different varieties of apples can vary in the number of these substances. For example, a red apple contains two times more polyphenols than a green apple.

Green Tea

Tea was previously used for medicinal purposes. In order to get the best antioxidant effects, choose green tea instead of black tea.


If you want to get as many polyphenols as possible from this drink, you should drink it without sugar and milk. Because both of these ingredients reduce their effects.


All citrus products are excellent sources of polyphenols, but most of them can be found in the orange and orange peel. How can you enrich it into your diet? Buy oranges and add them to homemade desserts, cocktail, yogurt or salad.

Soya beans

Be careful, because in this case, it matters what form of soy you consume. Therefore, eat soybeans instead of drinking soy drink or eating tofu. Some studies have shown that processing soybeans can remove polyphenols.


Cherries are extremely rich in antioxidants. Studies have reported that darker cherries are not only sweeter, but they also contain more polyphenols.

Red wine

One major type of polyphenol that is found in red wine is known as resveratrol. It is very useful for the body. But remember that resveratrol is only effective with moderate alcohol consumption, which means 1 to 2 glasses per day.

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